6 04, 2016

Moving Beyond Silos: The Making of a World Class Global Marketing Professional

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Welcome to the kickoff of Brand2Global's updated 2016 Brand Insights by Dr. Nitish Singh , Associate Professor International Business & Director Program Innovations at the Boeing Inst. of International Business, St. Louis University and Co-Organizer of Brand2Global Conference. In the 20th century, we realized the full effects of the Industrial Revolution, with accelerated industrial production and urbanization, followed by a boom in global population (as witnessed with the population growth of almost 400 percent!) However, it looks [...]

7 02, 2016

WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Why We Shouldn’t Translate Marketing… And Why We Do It Anyway.

By Andrew Vesey|2016-03-07T16:34:06+00:00February 7th, 2016|Tags: , |

To translate or not to translate? Local Ad-agency or marketing teams are much better suited for crafting relevant local copy for marketing campaigns; they understand the local culture and they aren’t restrained by being “true to the source.” The conundrum that enterprises are facing though, is they just can’t afford the cost, time, and resource investment to have a marketer in every local. For the enterprise, translations isn’t about getting your message into local language, [...]

14 08, 2015

Why We Shouldn’t Translate Marketing… And Why We Do It Anyway

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At Dell we have built a world class e-commerce and marketing translation program; delivering best in class quality (and value) for our spend. We have a robust Ad Agency – Internal Marketing – Translation workflow, and yet, we (the translation process) still fail to deliver to expectations much more often than we would like.

5 07, 2015

Digital Listening Is Expected – Global Understanding Is Required

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This is an excerpt of the full article by Bruno Herrmann, Director of Globalisation for The Nielsen Company, published on BrandQuarterly.com. Digital is global by nature, not by default. This could be the mantra or the one-line manifesto for leaders having to deal with digital globalization today. Any digital property can give a business and a brand the needed global presence to reach out to most of the world. Yet it is up to you [...]

29 08, 2014

Top 10 Multimedia Localization Best Practices For Latin America

By Andrew Vesey|2014-08-29T12:50:52+00:00August 29th, 2014|Tags: , , |

This is an excerpt of the full article by Fabiano Cid, Managing Director of Ccaps Translation and Localization, published on BrandQuarterly.com. Every day, more and more business managers and professional communicators look for resources to localize multimedia content for Latin America. Considering the expense of producing the content, and the size of the potential customer base in this region, chances are your company is joining the trend. While the idea of reaching over 600 million [...]

29 08, 2014

A Localized Global Marketing Strategy

By Andrew Vesey|2014-08-29T12:51:56+00:00August 29th, 2014|Tags: , , |

This is an excerpt of the full article by Dr Nitish Singh, Associate Professor of International Business at Boeing Institute of International Business at Saint Louis University, published on BrandQuarterly.com. Finding the balance between standardization and localization of the web content is one of the preeminent dilemmas that companies face when tapping international markets. Many times companies, either due to lack of coherent global marketing strategy or for cost/efficiency reasons choose to standardize their marketing [...]

20 08, 2014

Social Data As A Gift To Localised Marketing

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This is an excerpt of the full article by Brianne Moore & Katie Rigby-Brown,  Business Consultants at SDL, published in the Brand Quarterly & Brand2Global 'Global Marketing' Special Edition. How does a global organisation manage to execute a marketing campaign across 30+ markets while keeping its story in line with the global brand positioning; and retain the message that cultures and distinguishing characteristics of consumers are valued? Experienced global marketers have been searching for the answer [...]

30 07, 2014

Influencer Insights: Rashmi Schaefers of SAP

By Andrew Vesey|2014-09-30T14:45:30+00:00July 30th, 2014|Tags: , |

This is an excerpt of the full interview between Fiona Vesey and Rashmi Schaefers, VP of Content Services & Localization at SAP, published in the Brand Quarterly & Brand2Global 'Global Marketing' Special Edition. In talking with Rashmi Schafers (VP of Content Services & Localization at SAP) it was abundantly clear she has a true passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise in the localization field. Rashmi allows us a window into her years of experience, managing [...]

23 07, 2014

Adapt Or Die: How To Best Approach Web-Localization Efforts

By Andrew Vesey|2014-07-30T09:09:31+00:00July 23rd, 2014|Tags: , , |

This is an excerpt of the full article by Julio Leal, Head of Localization at Ciena, published in the Brand Quarterly & Brand2Global 'Global Marketing' Special Edition. Adaptation is all about survival. If a website is to survive and succeed, it needs to adapt constantly - the alternative isn’t an option. But what happens when a company has multiple websites, each of them serving a specific local market in its native language and with its’ own [...]

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