6 04, 2016

Moving Beyond Silos: The Making of a World Class Global Marketing Professional

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Welcome to the kickoff of Brand2Global's updated 2016 Brand Insights by Dr. Nitish Singh , Associate Professor International Business & Director Program Innovations at the Boeing Inst. of International Business, St. Louis University and Co-Organizer of Brand2Global Conference. In the 20th century, we realized the full effects of the Industrial Revolution, with accelerated industrial production and urbanization, followed by a boom in global population (as witnessed with the population growth of almost 400 percent!) However, it looks [...]

18 07, 2014

Behind The Curtain: Brand Quarterly Talks With Brand2Global Founder Ulrich Henes

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This is an excerpt of the full interview published in the Brand Quarterly & Brand2Global 'Global Marketing' Special Edition. …...   We recently had the opportunity to have a ‘virtual’ sit-down with Ulrich Henes, the founder of the Brand2Global conference. Read on to discover what makes him tick; and of course, find answers to the all important questions: What is Brand2Global? Why is it here? Is it for you? BQ In addition to founding the [...]