Global Branding and Marketing Certification

A Passport for Being an Effective Global Marketer

This is one of the most unique offerings combining strategic insights
from Global Branding & Global Marketing. Broad Topics include:
  1.   Gain insights to avoid global branding and marketing blunders
  2.   Optimize global branding strategies based on brand architecture, positioning, and simplicity
  3.   Formulate strategies for making your global brand experience memorable and authentic
  4.   Apply universal values to enhance the global brand appeal
  5.   Develop cultural & business acumen to localize & hyperlocalize global branding and marketing

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Global Digital Media

Study online, at your own pace 25 Hours of Online and Self-paced training to be completed in 90 days from the date of enrollment.

  • Recognition: Gain Industry Certification from the Localization Institute, USA
  • Program Expertise: This certification was developed by Professor Nitish Singh (PhD/MBA/MA), one of the leading Global Marketing & localization expert, and author of several books and papers in this area. The course content combines expertise from leading industry professionals and academia.
  • High Educational ROI: An affordable investment of only $980 USD (no additional books or purchases needed).
    Networking & Job Prospects: You will receive discounts to Localization Institute Conferences to network, learn, and make job contacts with global marketers and localization professionals. The events take place across North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Simple Entry Requirements: All you need is the ability to use the Internet and a basic understanding of global business concepts; No prior technical knowledge needed. Supplementary resources are provided in the course to help you enhance your learning experience
  • Global draw – our offerings have been popular with participants from over 15 countries.

What Certification Students Have to Say About Our Courses and e-Modules:

In only a few short years, our Certification programs has been taken by students in over 14 different countries.

Below you will find select feedback and comments from some of these previous students.

“The Global Digital Marketing & Localization Certificate is the perfect crash-course for anyone getting started in the translation and localization business. I appreciated the granularity of each module as they each covered different yet relevant marketing topics, while offering insightful & valuable nuggets of information. The interviews certainly help align the concepts with business scenarios encountered by subject matter experts within the industry. This is a thoroughly crafted Localization-101 encyclopedia of knowledge.”

Jeffrey Constantin, Senior Business Consultant at SDL plc

“[I]t was absolutely interesting and helpful when it comes to gain a better understanding of localization trends in today’s global and digital environment – thanks for giving a consistent and complete learning path to such a complex subject! I will recommend my colleagues to register as well!”

Chiara Vaone, Localization Project Manager at Google

“I can highly recommend the course. It helped me to develop and deepen my knowledge in digital marketing and localization. The course content was delivered in short modules that were structured clearly, logically and effectively. The interviews and examples provided in the course gave a good insight into industry best practices.”

Irene Müller, Language Services Supervisor at Sony

“I really enjoyed the course and it has helped me strategically approach localization for my campaigns in a whole new way”

Heather Wheeland, Campaign Manager, Customer Marketing - SAP Ariba

“I have enjoyed the visuals, all of the modules have kept my attention, and I have learned a lot.”

Melissa Fitzgerald, Your Content Goes Here

“[I] am enjoying the content. Your experience and knowledge clearly runs deep and is quite broad. Very impressive.”

Kris Kieper, VP of Client Services - Aware Web Solutions, Inc.

“I have nothing but positive feedback for the course. I thought it very thorough yet focused on broader aspects of digital marketing and localization that helped me to understand concepts and real-life application. I like the flexibility of the course as well as I was working full time while completing the course.”

Mandi Ciocca, Head of Consulting for Improove, Inc.

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful e modules, and the simple presentation style. The modules were very informative and helpful.”

Nidhi Sharma, Your Content Goes Here

“I’ve finished all the modules and I must confess I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Chinedu Mkpuluma, Analyst, Digital Marketing, Mobile & Web - Ciena Corporation

“[I] wanted to thank you for the insight and lectures through the Global Digital Marketing course.  It is so difficult to find information like this in the field of localization and I appreciate the thoroughness in the understanding and definitions to the concepts.”

Alex Anderson, Localization Manager/Product Manager, Digital Media - AccuWeather

“[I]t was absolutely interesting and helpful when it comes to gain a better understanding of localization trends in today’s global and digital environment – thanks for giving a consistent and complete learning path to such a complex subject! I will recommend my colleagues to register as well!”

Claudia Ortiz, Client Manager - Nielsen

“I heard about the certificate on Twitter and knew immediately that I needed to enroll, because it seemed to bring together all the disparate pieces of knowledge needed for global communications. I’ve worked in technical communication for over 15 years, so I’m somewhat familiar with creating content for international users. When I started, localization as a discipline was still in its infancy, so I had to self educate to learn about how source content impacts translation quality, how to write for global audiences, the use of colors/icons in UI, etc. So far I’m very pleased with the certificate, because it’s helping to connect the dots between content, marketing, language, culture, business — all the disciplines needed for successful internationalization.”

Giovanna Patruno, Lead Technical Writer

“Let me start by saying: thank you, dear Professor! I have simply LOVED listening to the modules, from the topics, via the literature, to your terrific interviews done with many of our common friends from the L10n industry. Great stuff! The endlessly complex aspects to consider within L10n never cease to fascinate me.”

Kirsten Meinertz, Translation and Localization Manager Europe - Ralph Lauren Digital

“I have been enjoying your Global Digital Marketing & Localization course.  I work in the marketing group for a mid-size B2B manufacturing company that has regional offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America.The Global Digital Marketing & Localization Certificate program is insightful and has made me evaluate the decisions influencing the global impact of our website.”

Doug Thayer, Sr. Web Content Designer - Flow International Corporation

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the content of the Global Digital Marketing and Localization Certification course over the past couple of months; both the video lectures and the interviews with practitioners in different fields and industries have provided me with plenty of insights and ideas. I think that the curriculum for this course has been very well thought out and that it does not only provide students with theoretical tools and practical examples but also encourages them to further research and investigate the complex topics approached in the lectures. Last but not least, it has offered me actionable insights which I am now ready to apply in my day-to-day work.”

Simona Ciocodei Sommarström, Localization Project Manager - King

“As far as the content was concerned, I thought it was really great. I could see the detail and preparation that went into each class, and the organization and structure of the classes went perfectly with our in-class lectures and class project. My favorite part were the high-profile executives that you interviewed during the online sessions. They’re first-hand experience with running and developing online, international content and engaging international customers was very valuable.”

Ben LeGrand


  • What makes a Global Brand? Global Branding Basics
  • Hitting the Sweet Spot of Global Consumers: Global Branding Basics
  • Strategies to Expand Globally: Foundations & Insights
  • The Biggest Hurdle in Global Marketing: Ideas and Insights


  • The Dynamic Global Brand Architecture: Managing your Global Brand Portfolio
  • Global Brand Simplicity: How to make your global consumer’s life easy
  • Can Your Global Brand be Everything to Everyone? Secrets to Global Brand Consistency
  • Making your Branding Appealing in Every Country: Some Ideas & Insights


  • Hyperlocalization for Identifying Micro-Segments Worldwide
  • Hyperlocalization based on emerging ethnic, gender, and fluid identities
  • Hyperlocalization based on personality and collective identities


  • What’s Underneath the Cultural Iceberg
  • Local Consumer Culture Positioning Strategy
  • Understanding Consumer Psychology: A Global Perspective
  • A Sampling of Global Consumer Decision Making Styles


  • Making Global Marketing Fun: Opportunities & Challenges
  • The Role of Emotions in Global Branding
  • Emotionally Connecting with Global Consumers
  • The Role of Global Influencers in Global Marketing
  • Creating Global Brand Authenticity

Executive Insights From Global Marketing & Localization Experts At:

  • Amisha Gandhi, Head of Influencer Marketing, SAP
  • Susie Hamlin, Director, Advertising, Media & Sponsorships, Citrix Online
  • Ariela Suster, Founder, Sequence Collection
  • Brendan Kane, Founder, SEAkers
  • Bryant Ison, Sr. Director of Global Beverage Innovation, Pepsico Global Beverage Group
  • Christopher Englund, Leader of Localization Team, HubSpot
  • Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • John Ounpuu, Co-Founder, Modern Craft
  • Jon Mamela, CMO, Destination Canada
  • Leona Frank, Global Brand Manager, Vistaprint
  • Kirsten Seckler, CMO, Special Olympics
  • Michael Saad, Director Global Digital Marketing, Lenovo
  • Wada’a Fahel, Localization Manager, Harley-Davidson
  • Susan Betts, Sr. Director, Microsoft Brand, Microsoft

Certificate & Certification Assessed On Applied Skills

Digital Marketing

You will be assessed on demonstration of the skills you learn during the program. Since this first of it’s kind certification is an applied course, traditional exams are not the best approach.

Therefore, you will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Evidence, via online LMS tracking, of each module completion 30%
Your participation in the online discussion board 20%
One written Assignment in the form of case study or commentary 50%

If you have any questions about the Global Branding and Marketing Certification Program, please contact Jill Nellis at who is in charge of registration for the program.

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