This is an excerpt of the full article by Bruno Herrmann, Director of Globalisation for The Nielsen Company, published on

Brand Quarterly Magazine

Digital is global by nature, not by default. This could be the mantra or the one-line manifesto for leaders having to deal with digital globalization today.

Any digital property can give a business and a brand the needed global presence to reach out to most of the world. Yet it is up to you to leverage it, in order to engage with audiences and customers internationally and to turn it into a global advantage – which requires a great deal of awareness, continued diligence and many efforts. As managing user-generated content is part of that picture, you should prepare yourself for some challenges that will come up sooner rather than later.

An approach based on digital listening may be most appropriate to cover all channels and features, allowing customers to speak their mind about your brands and products. In addition to social networks it is worth considering customer forums, unassisted support applications, online surveys, shared information or micro sites. Although social listening rightly is a primary focus for many business leaders, underestimating the amount and value of content created and published across all these channels would be like stopping the race before it is over.



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