This is an excerpt of the interview with Brand2Global Keynote presenter Manfred Gotta of Gotta Brand, published in the 2015 Brand Quarterly & Brand2Global ‘Global Marketing’ Special Edition.

We recently had the opportunity to connect with 2015 Brand2Global keynote speaker and Germany’s “King of Names”, Manfred Gotta – a worldwide leader in the art and science of naming new products and brands.

After building up Interbrand Deutschland, Manfred founded his company, Gotta Brands, in 1986. Working from an idyllic Black Forest valley, Manfred has created such well known names as: Porsche Cayenne, Renault Mégane, Targobank, Opel Vectra, Persil Megaperls, and many more.

Here are a few (Mega?) pearls of wisdom Manfred shared…

…on why choosing (or creating) the right name for a brand is so important to company and product success:

Choosing the right company or product name is vital, because it incorporates all investments. If P&G buys Blendax it needs neither the factories nor the people in order to continue marketing this brand successfully – it’s the name that counts.

…on advice for companies naming a new brand for multiple countries or regions:

I would advise them to check how the name sounds in languages used in any of their important countries and to register it under trademark law – successful expansion in the future would also be assured by doing so.



You can read the full interview online at as an individual website article or check out this and much more great global branding and marketing content in the Brand Quarterly & Brand2Global ‘Global Marketing’ Special Edition.