This is an excerpt of the full article by Bruno Herrmann, Director of Globalisation for The Nielsen Company, published on

Brand Quarterly Magazine

Digital globalization covers an array of areas that require the right combination of expertise, experience and specific skills, which remains hard to find and maintain. If you decide to establish or strengthen external partnerships, you have to select partners that meet these crucial requirements in order to ensure global customer experience and turn digital globalization into a real profit driver.

Various reasons can justify this approach – a couple of arguments that often come up within organizations to do so are: focusing on core business, optimizing costs and benefiting from unexpected experience. The icing on the cake is when you can rely on a partner to help manage it all – or at least a small number of world-class partners, offering as many key assets as possible in their own value proposition.

I refer to these one-stop shops as “Swiss Army” partners, helping marketing and brand leaders engage with the world digitally in the most efficient way and with the highest level of peace of mind. Like Swiss Army knives they provide digital travelers and globalization addicts with multi-functional support in challenging environments and help them move faster with lighter bags. Needless to say these agencies and companies are hard to find and even harder to keep at your side throughout your entire global digital journey.

First of all, here are some major reasons for adopting strong partnerships:



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