17 08, 2015

A Guide To Globalisation: Balancing Global Messaging With Local Relevancy

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For global organisations, embracing market diversity, attitudes, and cultural preferences has long since ceased to be a ‘nice to have’ element that sat passively behind the global brand strategy; it is now an essential part of any brand program. The rise of ‘glocal’ (global vs local) campaign preparation and localisation has become the imperative.

25 05, 2015

Global Branding And The Non-Profit Organization

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This is an excerpt of the full article by Françoise Hovivian, Senior Vice President of Global Programs at Valente, published on BrandQuarterly.com. Are the typical brand management and international marketing issues faced by a powerful for-profit company the same as those navigated by an international non-profit organization? Do non-profit organizations need to worry about a global branding strategy, website conversions, or visitor metrics? In short, yes. Let’s take an in-depth look at how one non-profit [...]

27 04, 2015

Webinar- Leveling The Playing Field With New Age Global Marketing

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The Brand2Global Webinar Series returned on April 8 with the presentation "Leveling The Playing Field With New Age Global Marketing," featuring Ajit Sivadasan (VP/GM at Lenovo.com). Each month, we feature a different speaker(s) from a respected global brand, agency, or academic institution. These global marketing practitioners will detail the challenges they have faced and solutions they have instituted to solve the complex issues facing their companies. Webinar Abstract: "Marketing is going through a dramatic transformation [...]