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Brand Quarterly Magazine

Are the typical brand management and international marketing issues faced by a powerful for-profit company the same as those navigated by an international non-profit organization? Do non-profit organizations need to worry about a global branding strategy, website conversions, or visitor metrics?

In short, yes.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how one non-profit organization approaches this.

World Pulse is a powerful online community of women and allies of all genders worldwide, who speak out and build solutions to today’s biggest challenges. World Pulse empowers women leaders on the ground by advancing their digital skills and leadership, to mobilize around the world and create real social transformation.

Today, tens of thousands of women from 190 nations are using to start movements and pressure global leaders to take a stand on the issues affecting their lives, ranging from the allocation of economic resources to securing leadership at all levels of society. World Pulse’s mission is to accelerate the global changes women seek by using digital communication to unite and amplify women’s voices, solutions and impact worldwide.

Non-profit organizations like World Pulse are endowed with humanitarian missions that complicate their practice of marketing in an international market. Even though non-profit organizations, like for-profit companies, do marketing to obtain revenue, donations and visibility, they also need to manifest their values and mission clearly, as these are the primary driving force of their brand.



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