The Brand2Global Webinar Series returned on April 8 with the presentation “Leveling The Playing Field With New Age Global Marketing,” featuring Ajit Sivadasan (VP/GM at Each month, we feature a different speaker(s) from a respected global brand, agency, or academic institution. These global marketing practitioners will detail the challenges they have faced and solutions they have instituted to solve the complex issues facing their companies.

Webinar Abstract: “Marketing is going through a dramatic transformation led by social and mobile marketing. The new age customers are less interested in what brands have to say if they are not deeply emotional and interesting. In an environment like this how do brands differentiate themselves? Is this differentiation enough to build loyalty and advocacy? Are the fundamentals of Marketing still intact or are they under threat?


Ajit SivadasanAjit Sivadasan
VP/GM,, Lenovo

Ajit Sivadasan, VP/GM Lenovo, manages all key aspects of Lenovo’s Global Web Strategy. This includes B2B and B2C Web Sales and Marketing across their extensive web presence in 70+ countries.  He is a frequent speaker at industry events and in academia. His latest talks and keynotes have focused on a diverse set of topics ranging from eBusiness Strategies, Data Driven Marketing, Optimization of Digital Marketing, Advanced Segmentation Strategies, Managing Conflict in a Multi-Channel Environment, Designing Efficient eCommerce Systems & Organizations, Streamlining Supply Chains for eCommerce business, Responsive Design and so on.

Ajit has spent the last 15+ years evangelizing and practicing eBusiness strategies in global markets. Prior to his roles at Lenovo and Gateway, he consulted for Deloitte & Touche and at other Multinational firms in the Middle-East and India. He holds a B.S in Industrial Engineering, M.S in Industrial Management from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management in Claremont, California.


Join Ajit Sivadasan as he shares with you some of what Lenovo is doing to drive its brand and customer experience through new world marketing globally.”