The inaugural Brand2Global Webinar features Susie Hamlin, Director of Global Strategy and Advocacy at Cisco delivering her presentation “Picasso Meets Galileo: The Art and Science of Brand Execution.”

Webinar Abstract:

“How do you gather the insights necessary to be locally relevant in every market you serve? How do you ensure global consistency in the development and execution process while allowing for local customisation?

The session will explore the various techniques that we used in the previous fiscal year blending this art and science in order to establish a prioritized list of countries. One year into the process, I’ll share what worked and what we will modify for the models moving forward.”

Susie Hamlin is the Director of Global Strategy & Advocacy at Cisco. Her background experience includes global brand strategy, advertising and localization. The Global Strategy & Advocacy team is responsible for gathering global insights, driving strategy and customizing execution to improve relevance and ensure ‘one voice’ messaging of advertising, brand and digital efforts across the globe.

Prior to her current role, Susie was the Director of Worldwide Advertising with overall responsibility for development and delivery of the global brand campaign. Susie joined Cisco in 1998 and established the Translation & Localization department, defining tools and strategy for localization management across the company.