About this Seminar

This Brand2Global Webinar features Romek Jansen [(VP, Product and Partner Management at BrandMaker GmbH and Editor in Chief (MarketingGovernance.com) delivering his presentation “Global Marketing Resource Management.” The webinar was recorded on June 18, 2014.

Webinar Abstract

“Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and Marketing Process Optimization (MPO) are the key to maintaining consistent brand communication and making processes in operative marketing more efficient. MRM and MPO help to streamline all functions along the marketing process like brand management, digital asset management, media production, advertising logistics, and marketing performance analytics. Romek Jansen is author of the standard reference in this area and will show how you can benefit from MRM methods and technologies particularly in the context of global branding and marketing…”

Romek Jansen is among the masterminds and pathfinders of the still-young disciplines Marketing Resource Management and Marketing Process Optimization. He is co-author of the book ‘Marketing Resource Management. The Noble Art of Getting Things done in Marketing. Efficiently’, and a popular keynote speaker at marketing events around the globe. He is also the Editor in Chief of MarketingGovernance.com, an industry blog for marketers who believe that Marketing Operations is an increasingly influential and ultimately fundamental aspect of marketing, as marketing complexity continues to rise.In 2013 he joined the leading European MRM vendor BrandMaker as Vice President.