Secure, Up And Running Social Insights

Álvaro Villalvilla Merelo
Localization Production Manager,

David Preston
Former VP of Marketing, Europe
Kaspersky Lab

Brianne Moore
Business Solutions, Customer Experience Management

Katie Rigby-Brown
Business Development

Organizational Practices and Technological Innovations to Create Efficiencies in Global Marketing and Branding

This discussion will highlight the constraints, current trends, organizational practices and technology innovations in creating efficiencies for global marketing and branding.

What strategies have marketers employed to manage their global brand in the context of big data and the ever mushrooming cloud of multilingual customer voices? Does taking a brand into an emerging market impact on its core message? In order to have a holistic discussion, it is important to address pain points and resolutions from both the client and solution provider’s view to demonstrate the partnership approach.

With input from two experts, working for two of the world’s best known brands (Kaspersky & Nike), this panel will allow for a fluid discussion about global marketing, prioritization of market expansion and necessity of cultural understanding for effective digital strategies. It will focus on the value-driven approach to global marketing and expansion into new markets with relevant content, which language will naturally feature.