Session 6: The Global Brand at Risk: Leading Markets in the Era of Anti-Globalization
Monday, October 2, 2017, 2:15pm – 3:15pm
Held in: Quadrus Conference Center

Kris Bondi

Lucie Newcomb
The NewComm Global Group, Inc.

Anna Schlegel
Senior Director, Globalization and Information Engineering

Kathrin Bussmann

Moderator: Bruno Herrmann
Director of Globalization
The Nielsen Company

“The Global Brand at Risk: Leading Markets in the Era of Anti-Globalization”

Global Brands generally are at risk from competitors and/or economic downturns. However, with top markets like the United States, the United Kingdom and others turning inwardly on a populist platform, how do today’s international marketers sustain, let alone grow, their Global Business interests? Our panel of experts from different sectors reflect on their experiences and explore optimal paths forward.

Take Aways: 

  1. Multiple perspectives on the current scenario;
  2. Case studies and best practices (as available); and
  3. Minimum of 3 strategy and action sets for “staying global”.

This Fireside Chat features actionable advice in addition to expert views; a little more relaxed and interactive than a typical panel but featuring something more concrete and forward-thinking than opinions. The panel will be moderated by Bruno Herrmann of The Nielsen Company.

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