Lucie Newcomb

The NewComm Global Group, Inc.

Lucie Newcomb, CEO/CMO of The NewComm Global Group, Inc., an international management consulting firm specializing in Global Business, has been recognized as a pioneer in international markets for more than two decades. A former resident of the UK and South Africa, Lucie has worked with leaders, such as Cisco, IBM and Johnson & Johnson, as well as startups and governments. A frequent speaker and instructor worldwide, she was chosen by the U.S. State Department to train entrepreneurs overseas and has also taught college-level International Management.

In addition to advisory boards, Lucie also serves as a mentor for TechWomen, a U.S. State Department international exchange program. She holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and Saint Mary’s College of California. Her distinguished background includes selection as a Silicon Valley “Women of Influence Honoree” and as a speaker for the renowned SXSW 2017 conference. And yet, she cannot hang a picture straight to save her life! You can follow her at @newcommglobal on Twitter.