KEYNOTE: The Art and Science of Global Brands
Track: The Importance of Brand in a Global Digital World : :
Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Held in: QCC

Alex Hunter
Travel channel host and Former Global Head of Vigin Group Digital

Regardless of your industry, the customer landscape has changed forever. New businesses unencumbered by antiquated systems, processes and people are in the process right now of disrupting your industry, engaging your customers and re-imagining your product. Key to survival in this brave new world is the importance of evolving your brand and customer experience.

 Highlights include:

– Understanding that the winners in 2016 will be those who forget the transaction and focus on the relationship. 

– That the key to brand loyalty is understanding the emotional connection customers have with brands. 

– All the wonderful data that we collect can be used to create powerful individual experiences. 

– Tiny gestures and acknowledgements can have a huge impact on customer loyalty but also positively affect the bottom line. 

– Brand consistency across all customer touchpoints creates a unified experience and removes potential “weakest links” in customer experience. 

– You have a community, you just might not call it that. And they are hugely powerful.