John Gibson

VP, Group Account Director
The Woo Agency

For the last ten years, John has guided The Woo through a remarkable growth period. Starting with a close-knit roster of regional clients, making the leap to national accounts, to today as the agency provides a full range of services to global clients on six continents, across a range of categories. Through it all John’s sure hand steered the agency through adolescence, into adulthood.

Which is no small feat—those teen years can be pretty tricky. Always positive, tireless and resourceful, John has given the agency a global scope while nurturing its signature entrepreneurial, problem-solving culture.

A creature of habit, John was growing his clients’ businesses for more than 20 years before joining The Woo. In New York and Los Angeles he was instrumental in the opening of new markets and critical strategic development for Fox Sports, AT&T, Verizon, Amazon, Lenovo, Gateway, Samsung, and Grand Marnier. Verizon’s iconic ‘Can you hear me now?’ campaign is only one of many memorable efforts which owe their success to John’s leadership.