Elliot Polak

Chief Consultant
Social Dividend Global
Born in Manhattan, I am the product of multiple cultures: American, Belgian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Irish, Norwegian. My parents couldn’t agree on the right way to brush their teeth due to unbridgeable cultural differences. I believe it is possible to accurately predict the future by confronting colossal data from different countries and disciplines. I believe in being wrong.
I am the Chief Consultant of SD Consultancy. We help make cross border decisions safer and easier and for global brands such as PepsiCo and Citrix. The International Marketers and Innovation leaders who work with us have the vision to set direction and agility to seize the opportunity: our job is to deliver the facts and insights that matter. We do this through predictive data analysis and cross-cultural listening in 120 markets. Thanks to the amazing work of our local market Insight Consultants around the world, we were awarded Best Strategic Insight Consultancy in 2020 & 2019, and Best Global Brand Strategic Consultancy 2018.

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