Collete Davis

Professional Race Car Driver, Entrepreneur
Collete Racing

Collete is a high-energy individual with a keen eye for marketing, and a gut for taking calculated risks. This likely carries over from her career as professional race car driver and entrepreneur. She won her first championship at 15, negotiated her first major sponsorship and started University for Engineering at 16, made her professional racing debut at 18, and landed the cover of an International fashion magazine at 20. With many wins under her belt across a variety of racing, she is currently one of the only women in the world competing against the boys in the Redbull Global Rallycross Series on NBC Sports, and RedBull TV Live.

As an Entrepreneur, she’s developed an aptitude for business, which demands the same level of risk-calculation and ferocity as racing. Being on the fore front of so many male-dominated industries, Collete is a huge proponent of women empowerment initiatives. She uses her platform in Sports to inspire women everywhere to find what they love, and pursue it everyday.

“I want girls to say, “She can do it, why can’t I?’.” – Collete


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