Aaron Schliem

Principal Consultant & Founder
A 20-year veteran of the language services industry, Aaron began his first company, Horizon Learning, a Chilean adult second language acquisition firm, in 1996. More recently Aaron helped found and lead Glyph Language Services, where as CEO he positioned the firm as a leader in creative media localization and cultural consulting, working with Fortune 500 companies to adapt products and marketing campaigns both linguistically and culturally. Presently, Aaron is the principal consultant for Idiosynch, an advisory firm providing transformational strategies for organizations seeking to engage with employees, customers and partners in more culturally powerful ways.

Aaron’s approach to global brand development focuses on culture as the key lens through which brand is inevitably filtered in local markets. By understanding these filters, global brands can be more authentic and inclusive. Aaron helps creative teams build brand adaptation guidelines and brand audit strategies so that local teams can develop branding content that is infuse with local culture knowledge, while ensuring that all adaptations stay true to the central brand vision set at headquarters.

Currently, Aaron is also developing projects that aim to transform higher education by improving preparedness for careers in the global economy. This include relevant localization skills training and improving awareness among students in the humanities of the broad opportunities available in the business of globalization. Aaron is a strong advocate for building global organizations “from the inside out” in order to capitalize on diversity-driven innovation.

He also works with organizations, from start-up to Fortune 50, to tackle complex issues related to transformational change, building authentic and lasting approaches to language strategy, global work culture, cross-cultural learning, culturally-enabled marketing and market-specific product adaptation.

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