14 06, 2020

Mélanie Chevalier

By The Brand2Global Team|2020-06-14T22:48:59+00:00June 14th, 2020|

Mélanie Chevalier is the founder and CEO of Creative Culture, a cross-cultural consultancy based in London. With 15 years’ industry experience in cross-cultural communications, Mélanie has been helping international brands and agencies successfully roll-out their creative concepts and campaigns across borders. Over the years, Mélanie has gained considerable experience in cross-market communication and strategy providing real-time local insight, cultural audits as well as global content and local engagement solutions. Some of the leading brands Mélanie [...]

22 09, 2017

Amisha Gandhi

By The Brand2Global Team|2017-09-22T19:40:14+00:00September 22nd, 2017|

Amisha Gandhi is the Head of Influencer Marketing at SAP and previously led mobile product marketing and communications.  In her current role, she is leading the charge at SAP by building the global influencer marketing program to help drive the customer journey from awareness to demand-gen to advocacy. She’s worked in public relations and marketing roles in Silicon Valley for the past 15 years, working with startups and large enterprises such as Citysearch.com/USANetworks, HP, Google, Accenture and Time-Warner. Amisha has a [...]

22 08, 2017

Jayme Maultasch

By The Brand2Global Team|2017-08-22T17:42:00+00:00August 22nd, 2017|

Inquisitive by nature and a quick study, you want Jayme in your corner when it comes to unearthing business solutions for complex marketing problems. Over the years he has worked on major brands including Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Bank of America, and Samsung and is well-versed in categories including CPG, software, and consumer electronics. Currently Jayme is the global account lead for IPG’s relationship with Johnson & Johnson’s ACUVUE contact lenses. Overhauling all go-to-market efforts [...]

27 07, 2017

Brendan Kane

By The Brand2Global Team|2017-07-28T15:53:31+00:00July 27th, 2017|

Brendan Kane is one of the world’s top growth-hackers and Founder of Seakers. He is the hired gun behind companies such as MTV, Rhianna, Paramount, Ikea, Taylor Swift, Universal and Yahoo, helping them unlock value and transform their business on a global level.

18 07, 2017

Bryant Ison

By The Brand2Global Team|2017-07-18T14:49:34+00:00July 18th, 2017|

Bryant Ison is the Sr. Director of Global Beverage Innovation.  Having been at Pepsico for 4 years, his work centers around identifying, developing, and launching new global beverage platforms. He created and launched a $600MM sparkling lemonade brand called Lemon Lemon as well as the Millenial-targeted Caleb’s Kola.  Prior to PepsiCo he worked in Brand Management at Johnson & Johnson for 12 years – managing Band-Aid, K-Y, Skincare brands, and Women’s Health.  Prior to J&J, [...]

12 07, 2017

Robecta Ma

By The Brand2Global Team|2017-09-28T22:06:22+00:00July 12th, 2017|

Robecta Ma was appointed Vice-President Marketing, Americas in March 2016. Based at the airline’s regional head office in San Francisco, she oversees all marketing, digital and ecommerce for Cathay Pacific Airways in the Americas.   Robecta joined Cathay Pacific in 2011 as Marketing & Ecommerce Executive and was quickly promoted to Marketing & Ecommerce Manager, managing the award winning airline’s ecommerce, email, search, social media & partnership initiatives in North America.   Robecta helped the [...]

5 07, 2017

Christopher Englund

By The Brand2Global Team|2017-07-11T17:46:17+00:00July 5th, 2017|

Christopher Englund leads the Localization Team at HubSpot. He partners with diverse groups across the company to develop globalization strategies and execute on language projects. Before moving into localization, Chris was Corporate Account Manager for the largest multinational HubSpot customers.   Prior to joining HubSpot, Chris received his MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management (The Netherlands) with an emphasis in marketing. He has held various sales and marketing positions in Argentina, France and South [...]

5 07, 2017

Sonia Oliveira

By The Brand2Global Team|2017-08-07T17:41:01+00:00July 5th, 2017|

As the Senior Director of Globalization at GoPro, Sonia is responsible for all aspects of product and messaging adaptation aligned with an international strategy to maximize global growth. Her department focuses on key business functions including Marketing, Firmware, Software, Customer Support and Media localization. As an experienced professional in the industry, Sonia has spent most of her career in leadership positions at start-ups and well-established companies including Siebel (Oracle), Adobe and  Zynga where she built and scaled [...]

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