Mastering The Art Of Global Content Experience
Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 4:05pm – 4:50pm
Held in: Room B

Benjamin B. Sargent
Content Globalization Strategist
Common Sense Advisory

Customer experience increasingly comes down to content. The confluence of e-marketing practices now embedded in mainstream marketing management includes PPC, SEO, social/paid social, blogging, syndication, e-mail automation, landing pages, funnel design, and more. CMOs seek to free these activities from organizational siloes, bringing them into an orchestrated program that bolsters the virality of content, achieves optimal ROI, and meets the full potential of the content experience. Meanwhile, hypermobility among companies and consumers has raised expectations for branding and message consistency across countries, languages, and cultures.  Global companies must extend online presence to dozens of local languages. Content programs must follow. This talk unravels the ramifications of content-based marketing and global customer experience, drawing on data from 2,407 prominent websites, 100 online languages, and 195 countries, from CSA Research.