Global Companies For Indian Markets
Thursday, October 1, 2015, 4:00pm – 4:45pm
Held in: Room B

Narendra Ghate
Chief Designer - Research and Strategy & Service Design
Tata Elxsi

India Entry Strategy & How consumer research will play a key role for Brands to enter and succeed in Indian Market

India represents the most extraordinary possibilities as a market – with over one billion consumers and a huge number of fast growing businesses. Doing business in India poses unique challenges: 70% of India’s population is spread across half a million villages and individual incomes are low. There are 22 official languages, political complexities and numerous regulatory and cultural barriers.

So, how does can an MNC’s tap the potential of this vast new market? How can a non-Indian business learn the rules of this intricate game? What are the essentials for Brands to succeed in the Indian market?

Research and market insights equipped with strong knowledge and experience will prove to be a real competitive advantage for non-Indian businesses to get a sense of the local consumers’ lifestyles, their cultural and socio-economic issues, as well as their needs and preferences.

With regards to this, Narendra Ghate, Chief Designer at Tata Elxsi will share his insights on:

  • Understanding Indian demographics
  • How to see products and services through the eyes of the Indian consumers
  • Global Perspective : India and Emerging Markets Strategies
  • Why Consumer research & Insights will play an important role for Branding and Marketing in India
  • Challenges and Opportunities for designing products for emerging markets
  • Designing for local markets – what optimization, adaptation and localization is required?
  • How can non-Indian brands succeed in Indian Market?