The Science Behind Emotions : How Can Emotions Empower Your Brand Communication?

Jeremy Arditi
UK Managing Director & SVP International
Ebuzzing & Teads

Laurence Foucher
Evian Global Digital Manager

Andy Childs
Strategy Director Kia Worldwide
Havas Media

Nicholas Langeveld
President & CEO

In a online world where ads are either skipped or liked, emotions appear as a key element to catch user’s attention, connect with them and build favorability for your brand.

Emotional tracking brings a new understanding on how your audience reacts to your advertising, but it can also help you to adjust your mediaplanning with your agency.

We will discuss during this panel how emotions can be measured and deciphered and will discover what we can learn from the most viewed and shared ads, like the famous Evian’s viral video saga. Also our media experts will explain how brands can leverage the emotional state of mind of the consumer to deliver the right the message at the right time.