Digital Globalization Masterclass: Embracing digital globalization to boost expansion and deliver experiences internationally
Track: Global Digital Media Implementation Track : :
Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 10:00am – 1:30pm
Held in: Q1

Bruno Herrmann
Director of Globalization
The Nielsen Company

While the web and all digital content you put out in the web is global in nature, it does not mean you have created a global experience by default. Whether you are in a startup, e-commerce or corporate environment, you want to ensure effectiveness of your digital endeavors and accelerate growth in truly globally manner. Your content, products and properties have to reflect all your efforts to turn your digital footprint into powerful and sustainable assets and to tap into international opportunities.

This focused and inspiring master class will enable you to identify and prioritize challenges, articulate milestones in customer-centric roadmaps and engage with local audiences. Simply put it will contribute to a robust foundation for your market entry and deployment strategy.

Specifically participants will work together and cover actionable drivers and shareable practices that are paramount to help:

  • Set up and maintain a digital globalization framework through alignment with business objectives and synchronization with actual customer requirements
  • Scope and enforce global readiness to create content that matters and sells to customers
  • Structure and sustain localization management to speak the language of customers and fit in their ecosystems
  • Leverage data and technology tactically to take your processes to the next level
  • Capture and measure what counts in digital experiences and makes a difference
  • Position and lead digital globalization to transform it into a profit driver



$400 Early Bird (Until July 31st) / $475 after July 31st

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