Co-Creating With Consumers In Asian Markets

Tom Goderis
Managing Director, UK
InSites Consulting

Online Consumer Collaboration Platforms are the new star in marketing. These online platforms connect a company with a group of interested and interesting consumers to collaborate with them in projects. With the rise of social media, Asian consumers are ready to co-create the future of brands and products/services, more than ever. Are Asian companies ready for it as well?

In this presentation, we share tips on how to successfully collaborate with consumers in Asian markets, all illustrated with cases from brands like Philips, Campbells & Quinny. Asian consumers are ready for co-creation. Many brands are looking at the Asian markets for growth opportunities. According to Bloomberg, 5 of the top 10 emerging economies lie in Asia. China, Indonesia and India are leading the pack. It is the rising middle class in these regions that makes for a huge business potential to arise.

The consumer spending in a country like Indonesia for example, is already close to the levels in developed economies (McKinsey Quarterly, 2013). With these fast economic developments, also internet adoption rates are rapidly increasing.

Today, already 45% of internet users are living in Asia (Internet World Stats, 2013). When it comes to social media, Asia continues to be of significant interest to marketers, brands and anyone with an interest in social trends around the globe. Our Social Media Around the World Study (InSites Consulting, 2011) shows that in Asia, 6 out of 10 social media users are connected with brands and 90% of them want to help brands in co-creation activities.

So, consumers not only want to connect with brands, they also want to collaborate with them. 30% of these people prefer to collaborate via a closed online community. These developments offer great opportunities for online collaboration with consumers.