This is an excerpt of the full article by Lars Silberbauer,  Global Director of Social Media & Search at LEGO, published in the Brand Quarterly & Brand2Global ‘Global Marketing’ Special Edition.

Brand Quarterly Global Marketing Special Edition

There are two ways of doing marketing, the traditional way and the social way. The traditional way can be compared to launching a rocket ship where social media marketing is more comparable to negotiating the wind in with a sailboat.

In traditional marketing you plan and estimate and in the end you push the launch button, keeping you fingers crossed, hoping that the rocket will land in the right place. Social media marketing is totally different from the ‘fire-and-forget’ world of campaign marketing.

Social media is an environment where the only constant is that the pace of change, and the number of factors that are changing, are ever increasing. Nobody questions the power of the wind and waves at sea, and nobody should enter the world of social media without accepting these core conditions: Only a fool doesn’t fear the sea, or at least respect its unpredictability.

Its 2014 and radical changes in consumer behavior have pushed brands out to sea. It’s not up to you to decide if you want to be there, and it hasn’t been your choice for a quite a while.

The only question that brands should ask themselves is: How are we going to deal with it and which of the many accepted ‘truths’ about marketing do we need to question, to quickly shift the organization to a new understanding of consumer engagement and communication?

Here’s my view on some of the existing perceptions about marketing that you might want to re-consider.



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