GOTTA Brands

GOTTA Brands

The company was founded in Frankfurt on 1st April 1986 and quickly “made a name” for itself by creating unusual names.

Today, the company has its headquarters in Forbach, near Baden-Baden.

Manfred Gotta is the first expert in branding to point out the significance of newly created names right from the start, as it is precisely these names that can be uniformly placed on the international market, understood to the same extent in different languages and checked in advance to ensure that there are no erroneous linguistic associations.

GOTTA Brands sees itself as a workshop where quality comes before quantity.

Manfred Gotta’s clients are assured of his own exclusive personal attention.

GOTTA Brands is described as the most creative company in the business of inventing names and is, of course, an international business.

As well as creating a host of names for different products and companies, Manfred Gotta has also created the most names in the world for cars.

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