The John Cook School of Business has been a pioneer in providing global business education for professionals in the business world and for future leaders currently in the classroom. This vision led to a highly recognized center of excellence in international business: the Boeing Institute of International Business (BIIB).

Established in 1984, the Institute offers a breadth of global business resources for students, alumni, the business community, faculty, government and professional organizations.

Named the Boeing Institute of International Business in 1999 in recognition of a grant from the Boeing-McDonnell Foundation, the Institute’s existence was spearheaded by Dr. Seung Kim, who is not only Director of the Institute but, also, Chairman of the Department of International Business. His goal is to continue strengthening and expanding global programs through leadership and relationships. The Boeing Institute of International Business offers many learning opportunities focusing on International Business at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, plus events, professional programs, and a global research and data center.